Jokowi-Ma'ruf pair's campaign team to consult with MK on Monday

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the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin campaign team (TKN) Deputy Chief Arsul Sani
We will discuss the results of the consultations at a meeting and will later take a step to file an application with the MK as a relevant party.
Joko Widodo (Jokowi)-KH Ma'ruf Amin's national campaign team (TKN) will visit the Constitutional Court (MK), Monday, for consultation over their contender's lawsuit alleging violation and fraud in the April 27 presidential election.

"We, as a party, will consult with the MK at around 11 a.m. local time regarding Prabowo-Sandi pair's lawsuit to contest the presidential election results," TKN Deputy Chief Arsul Sani remarked in Jakarta on Sunday.

The TKN officials to visit the MK constitute TKN Deputy Chief Arsul Sani, TKN Law and Advocacy Director Ade Irfan Pulungan, TKN Deputy Law and Advocacy Director/former General Election Commission (KPU) commissioner Juri Ardiantoro, and TKN Coordinator for Violation Affairs/former commissioner of the Election Oversight Body (Bawaslu) Nelson Simanjuntak.

"We will discuss the results of the consultations at a meeting and will later take a step to file an application with the MK as a relevant party," he revealed.

The TKN has readied a legal team, led by senior lawyer Yusril Ihza Mahendra, concurrently incumbent presidential candidate Jokowi's lawyer, to file the application with the MK as a relevant party.

Prabowo-Sandi pair's National Winning Body (BPN) had filed a lawsuit with the MK over accusations of extensive and systematic fraud in the 2019 presidential election last Friday (May 24).

Earlier, candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto affirmed that his party will take the pertinent available legal avenue in accordance with the Constitution in pursuit of justice over alleged violations and fraud in the 2019 Presidential Election.

Coordinator of the spokesman for BPN Prabowo-Sandi, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak stated that his party had prepared a claim file for the presidential election to be handed to the MK on Thursday (May 23).

Simanjuntak confirmed that the Prabowo-Sandi BPN had prepared a Rikrik Rizkian-led legal team to file the lawsuit.

The legal team comprised Rizkian, Bambang Widjojanto, Irman Putra Sidin, and Denny Indrayana.  

In their lawsuit, the Prabowo-Sandi pair has listed its seven-point demand that incorporates demanding the MK to disqualify Jokowi and Ma'ruf as presidential and vice presidential candidates and announcing Prabowo-Sandi as the president-and vice president-elect for the 2019-2024 term.


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